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Discover our offers for global coverage of your trip to make you travel without worries and to be able to enjoy your trip

Travel Insurance

$ 50.00 / Trip

Coverage for loss of luggage or trip cancellation without justification.

Medical Insurance

$ 65.00 / Person

When you are sick abroad the costs can be very high but we cover it.

Full Coverage

$ 73.00 / Trip

Carefree travel with global coverage from medical expenses.

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Last Minute   Summer   Travel Tours

$ 930

$ 430

Come to Exciting PH to take advantage of our last minute summer trips. You can go on a cruise, in a wonderful tourist village or take an organized tour at an impactful price with 100% quality service. Our offers are updated weekly so don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity.

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Our on-board amenities will also enhance your journey. Each tour includes comfortable coach seating with WiFi access, snacks and drinks throughout the day, hotel accommodation where needed and convenient pick up points from various locations around the country.

We also offer great deals such as early bird discounts and package add-ons to ensure you get the most out of your trip.

Experience the majestic jagged limestone cliffs of the islands of El Nido. Explore the sea bed and snorkel the lush colorful coral reefs and marine life. And above all enjoy the white pristine beaches and sand. Blue skies and sunsets are just a taste of this paradise.

Visit this amazing landscape hills in Bohol called the Chocolate Hills. Watch the smallest primate the Tarsier in real life that is only found in this island of the Philippines. Enjoy the scenic white beaches of Bohol and experience the island tours.

Experience the powdery white sand beach of Boracay. Enjoy the lush scenic beauty of the seascape of the palm lined coast of the beach. Sip and dine at the beach, or simply have breakfast at the beach front. The views are simply amazing and stunning.

A fantastic mountain getaway not far from Metro Manila and see the beauty of Taal lake and its volcano while feeling the breeze on a hilltop. Experience a good food adventure while relaxing with a stunning view.

Stunning land and seascapes over at Batanes. White beaches and a unique cultural journey at this farthest point of the Philippines up north. Visit the lighthouses that guard the ships and sailors from the tempests and the rocks.


Discover the Philippines and the World, one Full Adventure at a Time!

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